About Us


JoyaTravels Pte Ltd is establish in 2015 as an extension of PStravel. Its founder and CEO MR.Partiban Nadeson. Intends to enhance its already establish transportation company; PSTravel with a tourism service to cater to its existing Corporate clients as well as the international and domestic market. Our parent company PSTravels has been establish since 2011 and has amass a network of corporate clientele as well as transportation service providers to facilitate their needs.

Joyatravels Pte Ltd provides a unique approach to tourism by encompassing a wide range of services to cater to all age groups. We offer affordable package trips outbound of Singapore as well as local attractions and accommodation needs. We also cater to the higher end market with luxury liners and train tours for the more affluent market. In summary Joyatravel Pte Ltd aims to cater to an assortment of customer needs from all demographics.

 We pride ourselves with providing a unique experience with our customers, offering a value for money deals with our tour packages, hotels, transportation needs. We aim to provide a full service and 1 stop solution for your travelling needs. Our Customer care service is 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

We aim to provide a 1 stop solution tourism service without compromising on personalize attention to customer needs and requirements.



to provide the most affordable service that is value for money

being the 1st in customer needs.

To provide a unique experience for our customers

Every customer is treated like a friend and family

To be constantly joyful and uplifting to all patrons and staff

to share every aspect of tourism with our patrons with zeal and vigor.

We will create our own path to success

We ensure our clients are satisfied with our services.

Mr. N.Pathiban began in the Tour and Transport industry in 2011 . It started as a sole proprietor and in a short time, he manage to amass a large fleet ranging from 13 – 44 seater bus and build the company to its current strength and size to its current standing. Mr.N.Parthiban strongly believes in his core values of Dedication, Hard work, Sincerity and Customer satisfaction is very important. He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Highly self‐motivated

and diligent in his job. highly Passionate in his company and Hardworking, he received Promising SME500 on 2014.Now Mr.N.Parthiban sets his sights on being the pinnacle of service excellence in the tourism trade.